The SC model is a door with vertical leaves, sliding type opening without floor guide with the following features:

Struttura ante:

Leaves structure:
Standard exterior colors:
Sliding guide:
Guarnizioni ante:
Door seals:

In pre-painted smooth zinc sheet both on the inside and outside, thickness 8/10; Internal frame section in hot-galvanized sheet thickness 15/10; internal filling with foamed polyurethane with density of 40/45 kg/cm, self-extinguishing class B2, no CFC (chloro-fluoro-carbide).
RAL 9002, RAL 5010, RAL 8019, RAL 6005, RAL 3003, RAL 9006
RAL 9002. On request can be made as the exterior color.
On doors with a leaves pack in galvanized tubular 150 × 50.
In steel profile bent to special shape
Black EPDM.
By means of black nylon brushes, height of 40 mm.

Industrial door sliding type without floor guide.
The leaves are manufactured by polyurethane foaming process and are suspended to the top rail.
The SC sliding doors represent a valid solution for large openings and can be equipped with any type of accessory.
The operation can be manual or automated.




Grey White 9002 Brown 8019 Blue 5010 Red 3003
Goffrato 3033 Goffrato 5010 Goffrato 6005 Goffrato 8019
Green 6005 Grey 9006 Wood imitation Yellow 1018
Goffrato 9002 Goffrato 9006 Goffrato 9006 Goffrato 9006
White 9016 Brilliant blue 5007 Anthracite grey 7016
Also available in embossed finish Goffrato 9006 Goffrato 9006 Goffrato 9006
Goffrato 9006 Goffrato 9006