The AT model is a door where the vertical wings are hinged one another, and whose folding system complies with the EU rules & regulations. Its features are as follows:


Structure of panels :

Standard outside colours :
Inside colour :
Side pillars :
Sliding guide :
Rotation hinges for wings :


Wings seal strips :
Upper and lower sealing :

Pre-painted zinc sheet, 8/10 thick, both on inside and outside; inner frame: metal sheet section bar, hot dip zinc galvanised, 15/10 thick; inner filling: B2 self-extinguishing class, CFC-free foamed polyurethane (density 40-45 Kg/cubic metre).
Similar to RAL 9002, RAL 5010, RAL 8019, RAL 6005, RAL 3003, and RAL 9006
Standard is similar to RAL 9002. Like outside colour if requested
hot dip zinc galvanised metal sheet, 15/10 thick.
Press-formed hot dip zinc galvanised metal sheet, 30/10 thick.
zinc plated and painted metal sheet, with a 20 mm diameter hinge pin and axial ball bearings, with zinc plated and black powder-painted solid balls. They are burglar resistant, as fastening screws are inaccessible when door is closed .
black EPDM.
40 mm wide black coloured nylon blades.


The AT model design is functional, strong and essential, like an industrial product must be.
The outside metal sheet, 8/10 thick, and the large hinges ensure great resistance to all the stress that an industrial door unavoidably undergoes year by year.
With their overhead sliding guides and their 180° wings pack rotation, both exclusively patented, Arco Industrie has reached an unparalleled standard of simplicity, reliability, tradition synthesis, experience and constant research.




Grey White 9002 Brown 8019 Blue 5010 Red 3003
Goffrato 3033 Goffrato 5010 Goffrato 6005 Goffrato 8019
Green 6005 Grey 9006 Wood imitation Yellow 1018
Goffrato 9002 Goffrato 9006 Goffrato 9006 Goffrato 9006
White 9016 Brilliant blue 5007 Anthracite grey 7016
Also available in embossed finish Goffrato 9006 Goffrato 9006 Goffrato 9006
Goffrato 9006 Goffrato 9006