The ‘IP 600’ model is a sectional door where the horizontal panels are hinged one another, whose vertical opening system complies with the EU rules & regulations. Its features are:  
Type of panels:
Panels surface finish:
Safety devices:
Standard outside colours:
Standard inside colours:
Guides :
Sliding systems :
Springs finish:
Horizontal panels 600 mm high.
Embossed 5/10 thick metal sheet.
Cables and springs break safety device included.
Similar to RAL 9002, RAL 5010, RAL 8019, RAL 6005, RAL 3003, and RAL 9006
Similar to RAL 9002, embossed metal sheet
Zinc galvanized and electrically welded sliding guides
SN (standard sliding, minimum dimensions about 440 mm)
SA (sliding on lintel)
SV (vertical sliding)
SAI-SVI (inclined sliding guides)
SR (inclined sliding guides, minimum dimensions about 200 mm)
Sectional doors have many advantages: firstly, very small side dimensions. Secondly, as the door slides upwards, the operational area is totally clear. Thirdly, they guarantee great thermal insulation and silence. They are also particularly easy to operate, due to their perfect balancing, obtained by torsion springs, and to the rolls sliding smoothly in their side guides.
IP 600 #1 IP 600 #3
IP 600 #2 IP 600 #4
Optional for IP600 Sectional Door Red 3003 Blue 5010 Green 6005 Brown 8019
Goffrato 3033 Goffrato 5010 Goffrato 6005 Goffrato 8019
Grey White 9002 Grey 9006
Goffrato 9002 Goffrato 9006