Industrial swing door, with one or two-wing opening, in accordance with EU rules and regulations. Its features are as follows:



Structure of panels:

Standard colours:
Side Pillars:
Wings seal strips:
Upper and lower sealing:

Pre-painted zinc sheet, 8/10 thick, both on inside and outside; inner frame: metal sheet section bar, hot dip zinc galvanised, 15/10 thick; inner filling: B2 self-extinguishing class, CFC-free foamed polyurethane (density 40-45 Kg/cubic metre).
Similar to RAL 9002, RAL 5010, RAL 8019, RAL 6005, RAL 3003, and RAL 9006
Hot dip zinc galvanised metal sheet, 15/10 thick.
Black die-cast aluminium, peculiarly designed, strong and thick hinges.
Black EPDM.
40 mm wide black coloured nylon blades.






The “Exod” model swing door, both one and two-wing opening, is hinged directly on the perimeter profile, which is zinc plated and painted, and has a ledge groove for the EPDM rubber sealing’s.
In the inside part, a perimeter intrados is provided to reduce wall opening width.
exod eXOD
Exod porta tagliafuoco



Red 3033 Blue 5010 Green 6005 Brown 8019
3033-goffrato RAL 5010 RAL 6005 RAL 8016
Grey White 9002 Grey 9006
RAL 9002 RAL 9006