Bridge UR_C / Bridge UT_C – Formworks

Complete formwork, easy to mount and install. It allows great reduction of transport volumes. Such formworks must be positioned on a suitably high reinforced concrete bed, until it reaches the dock pod level as planned, normally at about 1000 mm.

They can also be connected to each other, to have a whole dock pods front.

They are tailor-made, in order to lodge dock levellers of all dimensions as specified by clients.


  • Front: metal tubing, equipped with steel support to insert dock buffers.
  • Rear: metal sheet panel, 15/10 thick, complete of the beam where the dock leveller plate is to be hinged. Hot dip zinc galvanised metal sheet formwork panels, with perforated angle bars reinforcements to increase and guarantee adhesion to concrete.
  • The panels can be used also as hooking elements to connect a series of adjoining formworks.
  • We also provide mounting diagonal braces and props to guarantee formwork squareness.

The formwork is available both for rotating lip and telescopic lip platforms.