Sliding two-wing opening cold door, suitable for normally chilled environments (temperatures until -5°C.

Supporting counter frame made of 20/10 thick Aisi 304 stainless satin-steel, or of pultruded material.

Overhead sliding door of zinc galvanised steel, with slide and protective casing.
Ground locators, made of glass filled nylon (wings slide guides).
Door leaf: electrically welded stainless steel frame, with pre-painted plastic-coated zinc ledges, insulated by polyurethane resins injections (density kg 40-45 / cubic metre).
Thickness: 100 mm (NT).
Special type perimeter rubber sealing. Stainless steel inside and outside handles, to open or unblock door.
Pre-painted or zinc galvanised steel connecting plates.
The door is provided either in the manually or the automatically operated version, by installing a gear motor unit to operate the door through a chain.
Electric control panel with electronic circuit board able to detect obstacles, stop the door and invert its movement, certified to UNI EN 13241-1.
Inside/outside cord-pull switch to open and close door.


Door panel colour:
Optional colours of plastic-coated metal sheet:
Pre-painted metal sheet optional colours:
metal sheet, standard blue, similar to RAL 5007
yellow, orange and white
simil RAL 9002, RAL 5010, RAL 8019, RAL 6005, RAL 3003, RAL 9006


Grey White 9002 Brown 8019 Blue 5010 Red 3003
Goffrato 3033 Goffrato 5010 Goffrato 6005 Goffrato 8019
Green 6005 Grey 9006 Satinized stainless stell Yellow 1018
Goffrato 9002 Goffrato 9006 Goffrato 9006 Goffrato 9006
White 9016 Brilliant blue 5007 Orange 2009
Goffrato 9006 Goffrato 9006 Goffrato 9006